Developer(s): FromSoftware
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
NPWR ID: NPWR05818_00
Series: "Soulsborne"
Title ID(s):
CUSA-00207 » Europe (Digital)
CUSA-00208 » Europe (Disc)
CUSA-00299 » Japan
CUSA-00900 » North America
CUSA-01318 » Japan (Alpha Test)
CUSA-01322 » Europe (Alpha Test)
CUSA-01333 » North America (Alpha Test)
CUSA-01335 » Hong Kong (Alpha Test)
CUSA-01363 » Hong Kong
CUSA-03014 » Japan (The Old Hunters Edition)
CUSA-03023 » Hong Kong (The Old Hunters Edition)
CUSA-03173 » Europe (Game of the Year Edition)
CUSA-03179 » North America (The Old Hunters Edition)
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