Prince of Persia [5]Rage [1]RAMBO [1]Rango [1]
Ratchet & Clank [7]Rayman [8]Red Dead [1]Red Faction [3]
Resistance [3]RESOGUN [1]Resonance of Fate [2]Ride to Hell [1]
Riddick [1]Rio [1]Risen [1]Rogue Legacy [2]
Rogue Warrior [1]Sacred [3]Saints Row [5]SAW [2]
Section 8 [2]Shadows of the Damned [3]Shank [3]Shovel Knight [1]
Shrek [1]Silent Hill [3]Singularity [1]Skylanders [6]
Sleeping Dogs [1]Sly Cooper [4]Sniper Elite [2]Sniper: Ghost Warrior [1]
SOCOM [1]Sonic the Hedgehog [6]Sound Shapes [2]South Park [1]
Space Hulk [2]Spec Ops [1]Spider-Man [6]
Contains all PlayStation 3 and Vita trophy folders! Does not include PlayStation 4.
Splatterhouse [1]
Split/Second [1]Star Ocean [3]Star Trek [2]Star Wars [5]
Start the Party! [2]Syndicate [1]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [3]Terminator [1]
Terraria [1]The Adventures of Tintin [3]The Book of Unwritten Tales [1]The Cube [2]
The Cursed Crusade [3]The Darkness [0]The Evil Within [4]The Expendables [0]
The Godfather [1]The Last of Us [1]The Legend of Korra [1]The Lord of the Rings [2]
The Punisher [1]The Saboteur [1]The Simpsons [1]The Sims [2]
The Smurfs [1]The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes [1]The Wolf Among Us [1]Thief [1]
Thor [1]Tomb Raider [6]Tom Clancy [8]Top Gun [2]
Toy Story [1]Transformers [6]Trine [2]Tron [1]
TV Superstars [3]Two Worlds [1]The Treasures of Montezuma [2]Starwhal [2]
Teslagrad [1]Rainbow Skies [2]SpongeBob [2]

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